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Proudly servicing Michigan since 1964

Celebrating 55 years in business, Leonard's Syrups, a family-owned and operated company, has been a trusted supplier to bars, breweries, and restaurants – large and small – since its establishment in 1964. As a leading beverage gas, draft beer equipment, soda machine, and Coke syrup supplier in Detroit, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids, Leonard's Syrups serves the diverse needs of businesses all over Michigan, cementing their legacy as a dependable partner in the foodservice industry for over five decades.
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Meet The Family

We began operations in 1964 with the two Leonards that started it all. Our original CEO, Leonard Bugajewski Sr., and his son, Leonard Jr., opened a local company creating, engineering, and selling soda pop. Their two goals were to provide the best possible tasting products and first class service to their clients. They grew us into a Detroit staple, our rainbow trucks becoming a well-known sight on the streets.

Sadly, Leonard Sr. passed away at 85, still leading the company he loved. After his passing, Leonard Jr. took over as CEO. His son, Leonard III, and his daughter, Sherri, currently serve as our President and Vice President, respectively. Even as Detroit’s premier Coke syrup and soda machine supplier, we’re always looking for opportunities to learn and grow.
Over the years, we’ve gone from producing fountain syrups to adding juices, syrups for frozen carbonated beverages and slush. We eventually added CO2 services followed by draft beer equipment, ice machines, private labeling, and supplying soda machines in Detroit and beyond.

It’s not just about being Detroit’s top Coke syrup supplier, either! Our artisan, craft-brewed Detroit City Soda syrups have seen an amazing marketplace resurgence. Each opportunity helped us become a one-stop shop in the beverage industry. As we grew, so did our family. From two members in 1964, we’ve become a four-generation family business. We’re proud of our company, each other, our clients, and the city that we call home. We’re excited for what’s to come and we hope you join us on our journey.

Photo collage of Leonard's familyPhoto collage of Leonard's family
Leonard Bugajewski, Sr.
He is considered a pioneer in transfer tanks for syrups which later evolved into what we know today as Bag-In-Box syrups (BIB’s). A graduate from The Ohio State University, Len Sr. owned his own soft drink company in Toledo, Favorite Beverage Company. Later, he owned a Pepsi bottling plant, also in Toledo, before stints in Buffalo and Detroit for Vernor's Ginger Ale, where he served as both Ass’t Sales Manager and Manager for the Fountain Syrup Division. Leonard Sr. founded Leonard’s Fountain Specialties with his son, Leonard Jr., in 1965. Leonard Sr. passed away in 2008.
Leonard Bugajewski, Jr.
Industry legend and active CEO, Leonard Bugajewski Jr., has been leading the way at Leonard’s since 1964. A true man of his community, Leonard has built a reputation over the years for his integrity and generosity. It is Leonard’s philosophies that still drive the company. They are built upon helping both our customers and our team members succeed at all costs. It is no mistake that the Leonard’s Syrups brand started with nothing but a father, a son, and a delivery truck and is now recognized all over Michigan. Leonard Jr.’s classic family values and traditional business ethics have set us apart from our competitors since 1964. Leonard believes that at the core of our business is our team and if any individual is willing to work hard, then they deserve a chance to prove themselves. From an early age, Leonard found that he and his father were not only able to provide businesses with high-quality products and top-notch service but that he also possessed a discerning palate, from which his customers could benefit. Leonard went on to create each and every recipe for Leonard’s famous rainbow of flavors. He would also become a professional member of the Institute of Food Technology and a noted Flavor Chemist. A University of Michigan alum and a reserve Lieutenant in the Macomb County Sheriff’s Mounted Division, Leonard’s passion for his home state, his local community, and law enforcement is unrivaled. He was previously the Northeast Detroit Lions Club president, a current member of the Selfridge Air Force base community council, a past president of the IBDEA, and even carried the Olympic torch for a leg of its journey through our great state. “Our customers deserve the very best service and highest quality products. Period. Anything less is unacceptable.” – Leonard Jr.
Jean Ann Bugajewski
Jean Ann is an active participant in her family’s business. Being a wife, mother and grandmother, Jean Ann Bugajewski remains fully immersed in the day-to-day operation of Leonard’s Syrups account management.
Leonard Bugajewski III
Lenny is the heart of our business, making the whole operation happen day in and day out. First to show up and last to leave, few if any can say they care more about their people and their business than Lenny. Lenny not only oversees all aspects of our daily operations as President, he also is our resident flavor mixologist. Lenny is the man behind the creation of our delicious, hand-crafted flavors; all made right here in the Motor City. Teams follow leaders and our team strives to deliver superior service and exceed customers’ expectations because of the business standards that Lenny holds sacred. A Michigan State University graduate, Lenny joined his father and Leonard’s Syrups after graduating and quickly helped take the company to the next level. Lenny’s unsurpassed dedication and shrewd business savvy are contributing factors in Leonard’s Syrups’ exciting exponential growth.
Sherri Iskra
Sherri helps to develop dynamic, creative, and cutting-edge concepts to move us into the future. A spring of new and innovative ideas, there is no scale that can measure the value Sherri brings to the table, and it is her vision that has guided us to where we are today. The team relies on Sherri for her perpetual optimism and commitment to always doing what is right. As Vice President, Sherri oversees all financial and data driven aspects of the business as well as helps direct the team in all business matters. After graduating from Michigan State University, Sherri joined Leonard’s and went on to develop the administrative and financial infrastructure that would end up facilitating Leonard’s explosive success. Every day, Sherri continues to push the envelope and inspire those around her to achieve more.
Stephen Bugajewski
Stephen built the foundation of the continued product development and marketing techniques for our new specialty products. Relying on his accounting and business administration degrees from Walsh College, he formed the culture we still use to bring Leonard’s full spectrum of products and services to life. He will always be in the hearts and memories of all the Leonard’s past and present customers and employees.
Lucas Iskra
As our head of business development, Luke is relentless in his pursuit of excellence and is borderline obsessed with making Leonard’s the best possible company it can be. Luke is a bullet train: high-velocity and unstoppable. With a fresh perspective and a keen ability to identify outdated processes, Luke is helping Leonard’s evolve into a more efficient and effective organization. Luke also oversees all new beverage sales and has already proven to be a formidable leader in this industry. With a degree from Michigan State University in finance and accounting, Luke promotes a culture of pride and hard work and sets the standard for professionalism on the team.
Mark Iskra
It would be easier to list what Mark does not do for Leonard’s than to list what he does. Our own jack-of-all-trades, Mark works within numerous departments, ensuring continuity and maintaining company standards. From syrup production to system installation to employee relations and beyond, there is very little that goes on at Leonard’s that Mark is not involved in. Mark is also instrumental in the development of new departments and product offerings to better service alternative industries. Mark’s ability to create relationships and earn customers’ trust has proven invaluable to the success of several critical projects. If hustle had a first name, it would be Mark.
Leonard's Syrups van

Exceptional Services

Leonard’s has been offering premier service for over 55 years. Born in Detroit, our four-generation family business has the know-how and skill to bring you the finest soda syrups, service, and custom builds Michigan has to offer. From local bars to indoor cultivation and industry, we are experienced with a variety of operations. Just need to order more of our craft-brewed soda syrups? We can do that. Need an entirely custom-built draft system for your new bar? We can do that too. We’ve got your back with 24/7 emergency service and knowledgeable reps to help with anything you need. Elevate your establishment with artisan soda, exceptional service, and the support of Detroit’s number one beverage solutions provider.

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