Bulk co2

We only offer "beverage grade" CO2, which means it has been tested to meet FDA mandated 99.9%+ purity levels.

Our beverage grade CO2 is clean and crisp to the palate, unlike industrial grade CO2 which can impart bad odors and off-tastes in your soda or beer.

Liquid CO2 is safely transferred through a stainless steel fill box, mounted directly to the outside wall of your building, into the appropriate size carbo-mizer CO2 storage tank, providing no interruptions during refilling


Advantages of MI-CO2 Bulk CO2 Systems:


Uninterrupted flow of MI-CO2's certified beverage grade CO2 eliminates flat drinks and ensures proper drink calibration. Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates complaints of poor taste and flat beverages. Low grade cylinder gas can cause issues for draft beer drinkers due to small amounts of contaminates such as benzene or other hydrocarbons in the CO2


Eliminates high-pressure cylinder change outs and gas out outages during peak rush periods


Bulk gas is stored at low operating pressure, plus zero cylinder handling reduces job related injuries


MI-CO2 is Michigan's best value for your carbonation needs. Maximize soda and draft profits and save on lost residual gas, labor and operational costs associated with the higher cost ofhigh pressure cylinders 

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Storage tANKS

MI-CO2 offers a wide variety of indoor/outdoor 100% stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated liquid CO2 storage tanks with easy to read gauges in a range of sizes to fit your needs. Each tank maximizes limited space, using less than 3 sq. ft. of floor space, with no electricity required for dispensing.
300 lb. Tank -  Ideal for convenience stores, gas stations, bars and restaurants using 60 - 200 lbs. monthly. 
450 lb. Tank - Customers typically using 200-300 lbs monthly

750 lb. Tank - Restaurants, bars, brew pubs, movie theaters, casinos, concert and sports venues requiring 400+ pounds of CO2 monthly. 

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