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Floaties in Draft Beer

Floaties in draft beer can ruin an otherwise refreshing draft beer experience. The number one culprit of floaties in draft beer is foam encrusted faucets caused by immersing the nozzle in product while pouring. Dirty faucets & polluted beer tubing can form solids from improper or infrequent cleaning. Self-cleaning devices & electronic gadgets are unreliable, unproven, & ineffective. There is no more thorough, brewery approved method for cleaning beer lines & valves than Leonard’s unique 10 point clean featuring our patented Nuline chemical bath, turbulent flow, & torpedo sponges.

tap photo 1.png

Tap Won’t Fit Keg

  1. When you change brands, be certain you have the correct tap. The probe is longer for certain imports such as Amstell, Heineken, & Stella Artois.

Left, European tapper, right, Domestic tapper

2. Domestic kegs have a shallow mouth & the taps, although they appear similar, have a shorter probe. Call your beer distributor to get the proper tap.


Domestic Mouth


European Mouth

Off Taste & Smell

​Nothing kills business faster than bad, stinky beer. An air compressor not only flattens beer, but the condensation from the holding tank will seep down through the air line, enter the keg, & pollute the product. If you use an air compressor, drain it daily until you get it replaced with a nitrogen/CO2 blend gas.


Air Compressor


Drain Air Compressor

a. Also check the born-on date on the kegs. Domestic drafts are usually good for 60-90 days.


Born-on Date

b. Dirty beer lines will also give product an off taste. A buildup of bacterial contaminants in the inner walls of beer tubing will pollute the product. All beer lines & faucets must be cleaned regularly & professionally. There is no more thorough, brewery approved method for cleaning beer lines than Leonard’s unique 10-point clean featuring turbulent flow with patented Nuline chemical bath & torpedo sponges.


Dirty Beer Lines

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