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Our History

Celebrating 55 years of business, Leonard’s Syrups, a family owned and operated Detroit based company, has been servicing large and small restaurants since 1964.


Beginning in Detroit in 1964 when Leonard Bugajewski Sr. and his son Leonard Jr. began a local company creating, engineering and selling soda pop. The two goals for the business were providing the best possible tasting products to clients, and providing the best service in the industry. 

Sadly, Leonard Senior passed away at 85, at that time he was still leading the company he loved. After his passing, Len Jr. took over as CEO, his son, Len III currently serves as President and his daughter, Sherri serves as Vice President. 


As opportunities presented themselves, Leonard’s expanded from producing fountain syrups, to juices, to syrups for frozen carbonated beverages and slush. Growth continued, and both Leonard’s saw the need for providing CO2 to clients at reasonable rate. MI-CO2, a division focusing on servicing breweries, bars, and restaurants for all their carbonation needs was created.MI-CO2 has since grown and expanded into providing CO2 to industrial customers, fire and safety industries, swimming pools, and much more.


Years passed, Leonard’s continued to grow as they moved into draft  beer equipment, ice machine leasing, private labeling, and keg rack manufacturing. Leonard’s Detroit City Soda and Motor City Soda were names originally bandied around for the company back in 1964. Today, Leonard’s pure cane sugar, non-GMO, small batch, handmade artisan  Detroit City Soda has seen an amazing marketplace resurgence. Each opportunity helped Leonard’s become a one-stop shop in the beverage industry.


After many years of discussing and planning on expanding outside the Detroit Metro area, Leonard's saw the need for a full beverage service company in the Grand Rapids area. Leonard's opened up its first branch in 2016, called Michigan Beverage. After seeing quick success in the Grand Rapids area, Leonard's opened up its second Michigan Beverage branch in Saginaw. 

Leonard’s multiple divisions service markets from the Restaurant/Tavern Industry to Fire Suppression Industries, from Food Production Industries to Manufacturing; From Education to Health Care and much, much more.  Among the business platforms Leonard’s specializes in are:

  • Soda Syrup Manufacture & Sales  Service, Slush & Frozen Carbonated, Private Labeling Beverage Manufacture/Sales

  • Bulk Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Liquid Helium 

  • Both High Pressure and Low Pressure Holding Tank System Design and Installation 

  • Nitrogen Generation and Nitrogen tank systems

  • Ice Machine Leasing & Cleaning 

  • Coca-Cola Distributor

  • Juice Manufacture/Sales

  • Draft Beer Services (from System/Tap Design/Installation/Build/Repair to Line Cleaning)

  • Design, Building, Installation, and Repair of Liquor, Beer and Soda Distribution System 

  • Water filtration markets; Pool/Spa/Aquatic Center CO2

  • Gas safety equipment

We are proud of our diverse clientele, over 3,000 Soda/Beer/Liquor Clients and almost 2,000 CO2/Nitrogen/Gas Accounts.

Leonard’s Syrups is committed to being a true partner with clients and providing the highest degree of service.

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