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High Pressure


From refrigerators to medical equipment, from craft breweries to indoor grow operations, gas cylinders are an invaluable tool in keeping your business simple, safe, and convenient. Fortunately, purchasing bulk beergas, helium, CO2, N2, and oxygen gas cylinders from Detroit’s top beverage grade gas supplier will ensure that you get the gas cylinder you need, at the right price.

If you are not a bulk CO2 or N2 generator candidate, we carry an assortment of gasses in various sized high pressure cylinders. Leonard's Syrups is the most trusted wholesale distributor of bulk gas cylinders in Detroit, offering CO2, nitrogen, beergas, oxygen, and helium cylinders. Contact us today to set up an account with the best provider of bulk beergas and CO2 cylinders in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw.

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