High Pressure


If you are not a bulk CO2 or N2 generator candidate, we carry an assortment of gases in various sized high pressure cylinders.  We offer CO2, Nitrogen, Beergas, Oxygen, and Helium cylinders.

Are you currently having any of these problems with cylinders?

  • Employees don’t know how to change a cylinder.

  • Cylinder goes empty when you are busy.  An employee has to stop what they are doing to go change a cylinder, while a customer has to wait for his or her drink?

  • Back up cylinder is empty because nobody told you they already switched the back up cylinder?


There is a simple solution to all of these problems.  Leonard’s offers an automatic cylinder changeover called the CarboSwitch.  You’ll never have to worry about changing a cylinder again because the CarboSwitch will do that for you automatically.  The CarboSwitch can connect to 2, 3, or 5 cylinders.