Bulk CO2 Trouble Shooting Guide

  • Locate the two gauges on the bulk CO2 tank. One gauge goes from 0-400 psi and the other gauge goes from 0-160 or 0-200 psi​​

    • 0-160 or 0-200 psi gauge - this is the out going pressure to the pop and draft system. Normal set pressure 90-120 psi

    • 0-400 psi gauge - this tells you what the internal pressure is on the tank. Normal operating pressure is 125-300 psi ​

  • 0-400 at 70 psi or below = Tank is either dry iced or out of CO2

  • 0-400 psi gauge is between 80-100 psi = Frost should be present on the bottom of the tank, due to high usage or leak downstream. This could mean the tank is very close to dry icing or running out of CO2

  • 0-200 psi gauge- If the 0-400 psi gauge is at normal operating pressure and the 0-200 psi gauge is below the set pressure, there could be an issue with the regulator or the supply line is shut off at the tank. 

It's VERY important to get the gauge readings prior to requesting a service tech be sent out! This way we have a better understanding if it's a CO2 related issue or a pop/beer equipment issue!