Leonard's Mixed Gases

Nitrogen and CO2
BREWERS AGREE that AIR should never be used to dispense beer. OXYGEN promotes FLAT, OFF-TASTING beer. If your beer line run exceeds 12 feet in length, pushing with CO2 alone will OVERCARBONATE the beer causing foaming which will greatly reduce keg yield by as much as 15%.
N2 is the perfect companion to CO2 for “pushing” DRAUGHT BEER from your walk-in cooler to the faucet. Nitrogen is 80 times less soluble than Co2 and does not hurt the integrity of the product.

Leonard’s MIXED GAS improves beer appearance and taste. Mixed gases reduce pouring costs and increases PROFIT. Leonard’s MIXED GAS allows the bar owner to put 12psig of CO2 on the keg and use Nitrogen to provide the necessary “push”.
Leonard’s Syrups MIXED GASES are available in short tanks for stand alone GUINNESS kegs, or can be mixed onsite in varying blends to facilitate your entire beer system with a purchase or lease of our recommended McDantim Blending System. It’s the simple solution for maintaining PERFECTLY CARBONATED BEER.
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