Unlike bottled beer, keg beer is not pasteurized which is why your entire draft beer system must be cleaned properly and regularly. Yeast and unfiltered sediment adheres to the inner walls of the tubing to form a pasty film or slime. Beer dispensed thru filthy beer lines will pick up a foul odor and off-tastes. This is especially true for product left to stew inside polluted lines after closing. Over time, chunks of slime will break free from the tubing, work its way to the faucets, and exit into your customer's glass (floaties). Properly maintained beer lines prolong the lifespan of your beer system, protects beer sales and is a major relief to your customer's digestive system.


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In the 25+ years I've been cleaning beer lines, I've probably serviced every kind of equipment there is to get draft beer out of a keg. From old temprite systems to direct draw, back-bars, air cooled remotes, glycol remotes, even kegerators. If you can drink beer from it, I've either fixed it or cleaned it a thousand times.

As Supervisor for Leonard's Draft Services, I have personally trained our beer line cleaners in what I am absolutely convinced to be the BEST PROCESS for removing contaminates, off-tastes and odors from draft beer lines, faucets and couplers. I am so confident that there is no finer procedure for cleaning beer lines anywhere on the planet that I put forward this promise and personal guarantee to all Leonard's draft beer accounts.

If for any reason you are unhappy with how your beer tastes after it has been cleaned by one of my technicians, call me directly (my cell phone is below) I will come to your bar and personally clean your beer system over again at no charge whatsoever. After all, our employees- like yours, are just people, they are not machines. Unfortunately even the best people don't always operate at peak performance and should you feel that any of my line cleaners have not given you his best effort then call me – I'll make it right. Because also like you, Leonard believes that service is not just a word, it's a way of doing business.

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